Creating custom products

Now that you have downloaded and installed the MOD App you're ready to start creating your first product for your store.

Select a product

Step 1. Select a product

Navigate to the Apps menu tab in your Shopify website admin and select MOD App.

Select "Add DTG Merch" to view all our available products from AS Colour.

Select a product from the gallery.

add your design

Step 2. Add your design

Selecting either "Front" or "Back" of the garment.

Select "Browse" in the Upload your design and pop up window will appear.

Navigate to the image (in your own file directory) that you'd like to use.

Position and size your design on your merch.

Select product variables

Step 3. Select product variables

Select the colours you'd like to sell for this garment.

Select the sizes you'd like to sell for this garment.

Add a description

Step 4. Add a description

Add your product title.

Add your product description.

Review the product pricing

Review product

Step 5. Review product

Review the product details.

When you're happy, select the "Create" button.

Read and Accept the Image Ownership popup.

Your done! Your merch is now in your Shopify Store and ready to sell

Browse our range of merchandise

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